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Coastal Australian Cuisine

At its core, Kaarla showcases a strong influence from its seasonal produce sourced from the best local farms in Singapore. Inspired by the progressive, passionate and dedicated fisherman, farmers, breeders, and providores of Australia, Kaarla sources wild-caught sustainbly and ethically raised produce.

As a sustainability showcase, Kaarla also utilises ingredients from its backyard, the World's Highest Food Forest, that boasts an area of 10,000 square feet - uniting the coveted native Australian and Singapore Heritage varieties for the best preparation and cooking techniques in the Kaarla kitchen. Guests are welcome to develop a deeper understanding of the history and flavour profiles through this thought-provoking dining adventure..

By Samuel Fraraccio “The Brick Chef”
Our Custom Wood Grill & Oven

The centerpiece of the Kaarla kitchen is the Wood Grill and Oven built by Samuel Fraraccio “The Brick Chef”. A trained stonemason who spent time working in kitchens and restaurants around Victoria to understand better what chefs require from wood-fired grills and ovens. Moving away from the more common elevation grills seen through Spain and South America, where cooking and temperature control is limited due to the fixed cooking surface. This unit utilizes a large hearth with adjustable hanging levels to cook our produce at various temperatures and give a more precise flavour profile. That may be root vegetables directly on the coals or shellfish raised high from the heat cooking gently while taking on more smoke flavour.

World's Highest Food Forest
From Our Backyard with Head Farmer Brent Purtell

1-Arden, with our Food Forest, is seen as a 'sustainability on show' through a lush, beautiful sky-high food forest. The culinary team at 1-Arden work closely with the Head Farmer, Brent Purtell to create an experience that showcases a sustainable lifestyle through an F&B lens.Dining at 1-Arden awakens an understanding of sustainable eating and awareness of the relationship between nature and the urban environment.

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